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April 2011 Update

A message from Steve

Hello Infiltration Squad family and welcome to April from The Priest Of The Underground. In latest news we in Mortification are putting together some Brutal New Death, Grind, Thrash Metal in the vein of The 1991 Self-Titled album. With all the rock and punk influences going into Wonrowe Vision, Mort is now a fully fledged Death Metal Machine once again! Timely is the CLASSIC status Scrolls Of The Megilloth received last week on one of the world's most popular Metal Websites http://v2.metalreviews.com/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=29. CLASSIC status on this site is higher than 10 out of 10! We are looking at possibilities to Record Mort Album #15 later in the year. I want to welcome to the Band Troy Dixon as second Guitarist to Mick Jelinic. Troy has been working on new tunes with Andrew Esnouf (Drummer) and myself for the past couple of months. As a 4-piece we will make some Brutal Jesus Metal!!

Thank You to all the people who have joined the Infiltration Squad. I now have a private Facebook Page under the name Infiltration Squad. This Facebook is for Infiltration Squad Members, Family, Friends and people who I admire. If you have already joined the Infiltration Squad please come and friend me at Infiltration Squad. The Infiltration Squad is for Christians who love Metal and wish to connect with other Christians who love Metal, Facebooking back and forth via my friend list. Prayer points, Praise Points and Positive Words of Affirmation can be placed on my Wall or sent to me in private. You then have the opportunity to send the same messages to other members in private or place Prayer requests, Praise Points or Words of Affirmation on their Walls also. This is NOT A FORUM and IS NOT A PLACE FOR NEGATIVE WHINGERS! This is a non-profit Mission to connect Christians into Metal, many of whom feel disconnected from their Churches as I sometimes have because of the Music I listen to and the way I look. It is about encouraging one another to serve our churches and, believe me, then they will look past how you look and what you listen to!! I will break even on the Squad at 500 members. JOIN TODAY! Check out Squad Member #3 Brian Terrell's Display of his Infiltration Squad Pak in the photo above! Nice work Brian!!

Andrew, Troy and I wore the Squad shirts to a recent New Young Death Metal Scene Concert here in Melbourne. People commented on the Infiltration Squad shield/Coat Of Arms on the back of the Shirts. They are a great talking point. The Hebrew says Jehovah Nissi which means The Lord Is Our Banner In War! People also recognised Rowe Productions as an influential Australian Metal Label and the young crowd knew who I was. Andrew is 21 years of age and well connected in this scene that is free of satanists and drunken people out to make trouble. The Bands that played  were A Million Dead Birds Laughing and Ulcerate and are Pro Bands drawing big young audiences. This is the scene we will endeavour to begin performing in next year before spreading our wings overseas again. It was an amazing experience sitting in The Classic Arthouse Venue watching Bands in their early 20's perform 20 years after I was playing Death Metal in the same club when these guys were born! 20 years ago in 1991!

Here is the List of current members. The list is short so far but interestingly covers the entire world! If all the members in all the countries pass on the Squad message we will be 500 strong in no time at all. I need 100 new members this month if the Vision to reach 500 members is to be attained. Consider membership and what it will mean for you and others with whom you can connect.

#1- Jesus- Heaven- Leader & President of the Infiltration Squad.
#2- Steve Rowe- Co-ordinator under command.
#3- Brian Terrell- USA.
#4- Rowland Gwyne- Australia.
#5- Brent Furletti- Australia.
#6- Mark Scott- Britain.
#7- Mike Barber- USA.
#8- Shane Morris- USA.
#9- Toni Kaelin- Switzerland.
#10- Sergio de Sousa- Brazil.
#11- Frank Murray- USA.
#12- Patrick Held- Germany.
#13- William Martin- USA.
#14- Jeff Hoskins- USA.
#15- Jairus Pascale- USA.
#16- Sam Reese- USA.
#17- Martin Pesonen- Finland.
#18- Mick Jelinic- Australia.
#19- Andrew Esnouf- Australia.
#20- Lincoln Bowen- Australia.
#21- Troy Dixon- Australia.
#22- Rachel & Nathalie Keheyan- France.
#23- Dylan- Australia.
#24- Kenny McKay- Australia.
#25- Mark Granato- USA.
#26- Fanie Le Roux- South Africa.
#27- Jakob Platinga- Holland.
#28- Jessica Broccio- Australia.
#29- Scott Rowe- Australia.
#30- Chris Suit- USA.
#31- John R Hinton- USA.
#32- Phillip Lowry- Northern Ireland.
#33- Chris Fatto- USA.
#34- Timmy Hoskins- USA.
#35- Matthew Wilkin- Australia.
#36- Rob Bellman- Australia.
#37- Vaughan Gregory- Australia.
#38- Joel Rambeaux- Australia.

As you can see members from all over the world! A small beginning but now with the Infiltration Squad Facebook we all have a place to meet. If you are a member please friend me at Infiltration Squad. Already members are in support. Nathalie Keheyan from France is supplying me with Health Products from France on a monthly basis to replace my USANA health supplements that have helped keep me alive these past 13 years. With the cost of USANA at $220 a month it is now beyond me and I did not know how I would live without it. 3 years ago when I tried to come off USANA for financial reasons after just 4 days off the supplements I lost partial use of my left arm!! Most L4 Paraplegics lose a large % of one side of their bodies. The same DAY that I put in my USANA cancellation, Nathalie sent me the offer of similar high dose health supplements for free each month sent from France. Praise God! He knows what we need before we need it!! Infiltration Squad Member Chris Suit has sent some professional stills from Classic Mortification DVDs. See the Photo Gallery to check these out! Much Gratefulness to Brian for his photo, Nathalie for the supplements and Chris for the photos. The Infiltration Squad Is Going to be an impact for Jesus in this world as together we unite, encourage one another, pray for one another, wear the shield on our backs and together IN UNITY advance The Kingdom Of God.

Join today at the Infiltration Squad Section. Due to PayPal restrictions you will need to pay in Australian Dollars. Same value as The US Dollar. Simply use the Currency Converter on your PayPal Account before sending your order.



Steve Rowe.

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