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Interview with Steve Rowe - Re-releases and more ...

Let Me Hear Some Noise !!!
We from MortifiNation wish to all our readers a marvelous and peacefully X Mass , an as a gift, read a brand new and exclusive interview with Steve Rowe! God rulz !!!

1 - Hi Steve! This year is very special for Mortification because some of his works are being reissued. Could you tell us the motivation for such an act?

 Everything has sold out & so the 4 re- issued CDsare now out again on Soundmass. Relentless, Brain Cleaner, Erasing The Goblin & Scribe of The Pentateuch.

You can purchase these re- issue with extended artwork, new layouts & s lot of KILLER Bonus material from 4 very impportant Mortification concerts that we performed on each re- issued Album's Tout. Simply go to THE STORE at www,roweproductions.com

2 - How was the choice of materials that came as a bonus in the reissues? There was an earlier comment that "Relentless" go out with demo tracks as bonus
We decided that THE BEST Bonus Tracks were from the 4 important concerts relating to each Album.CRN Festival Germany 2002 is Bonus on RELENTLESS. Revolution Metal Fest Mexico 2004 is Bonus on Brain Cleaner, Nordic Fest Norway 2007 is Bonus ob Erasing The Goblin & Easterfest Australia 2013 is Bonus on Scribe Of The Pentateuch.

3 - "Relentless" and "Brain Cleaner" had few changes in its cover, the major changes occurred in the booklets (the Brain Cleaner booklet was lovely, congratulations!). However, "Erasing the Goblin" had a radical departure from the other two previouslyreleased versions. Why?
 Adam from Soundmass wanted to use a different piece of Troy Dunmire's Artwork for the Erasing The Goblin re- issue to make it AN EXTRA SPECIAL RELEASE!!

4 - Could you tell us a little about the recordings of these three albums?
Relentless & Brain Cleaner where both Recorded at my own HAMMER OF GOD Studio before I sold the Studio in late 2004.Erasing The Goblin was Recoorded at Mick Jelinic's home studio & Scribe Of The Pentateuch was Recorded at Bayside Studios 5 minutes from here.Mark McCormack Engineered & Produced Relentless & Brain Cleaner with myself.Mick Jelinic Engineered & Produced Erasing The Goblin. The Tracking for Scribe was done by the Engineer at Bayside Studios & then mixed & Produced by Mark McCormack & myself.

5 - You will revive other classic shows the band's cd? Maybe do like Deep Purple that has provided so many of their official shows from the past? I think many would like to hear the Morty’s audio presentations in Cornerstone '93 (USA), '96 Christchurch (New Zealand), Brazil / Argentina '01, among other concerts ...
A lot of those types of concerts are on Mortification - TWENTY YEARS IN THE UNDERGROUND DOUBLE CD that Nuclear Blast released in 2010. Some other CLASSIC Mortification Shows are on You Tube on Mortification2010 Channel.

6 - Many "fans" of the band practically deny the Morty’s discography post - Nuclear Blast (which I think is very unfair, because some of my favorite songs of the band are these releases). In your opinion what is the reason of this contempt?
Well Nuclear Blast still works with 'some' Mortification releases. They released Live Humanitarian on Double DVD in 2008 & Twenty Years In The Underground in 2010. It is impossible to stay on Nuclear Blast these days unless you are a FULL TIME Band. Nuclear Blast loved & released The Silver Cord Is Severed & so it is not about the Music, but the fact that I cannot Tour full time because I am an L1 Paraplegic. It is great to hear that someone like's any one of the 15 Mortification Albums but even my Favourite Bands, there are some releases that I like a lot more than some others.

7 - Many were surprised by the news of the relaunch of the "Scribes Of The Pentateuch" Ep, since it is a recent release. The bandage it was so good to the point of asking this reissue? How many copies were sold in the first pressing? What will be different about this re-release when it comes to graphic art and bonus track?
The first release of Scribe Of The Pentateuch was on my label Rowe Productions. Origionally the owner of Nuclear Blast Records Germany gave us some money to Record 4 to 6 quality Demo Songs as Nuclear Blast was considering bringing back some new releases of early classic Nuclear Blast Bands including a new Mortification Album to celebrate 25 Years Nuclear Blast in 2012. I had a strong feeling that this idea would not go ahead for us & a bunch of other early NB Bands. So I suggested to Andrew Esnouf the Mortification Drummer that we use the money to Record 6 Studio Quality Songs! That is why there were just 6 songs. To release Scribe Of The Pentateuch & Wonrowe Vision 'Pictures Of The Past Present And Future' I had to do a Fundraiser that I called 'The New Life Achievement Program'. We got the money we asked for in that fund raiser & so we did a fan collectable run of just 770 Scribe. It was important to make the 1st Issue of Scribe Collectable for those who had donated money to it's release. Soundmass has now done more of a FULL RELEASE of Scribe Of The Pentateuch with a Brand New Cover, Photos & Layout as the first fan collectable pressing sold out quite quickly. Plus we have been able to add the Audio of our performance at this year's 2013 Easterfest appearance on which we performed some CLASSIC Mortification Songs including, Scrolls Of The Megilloth, God Rulz, J.G.S.H, The Destroyer Beholds & Hammer Of God!

8 - Thanks for the interview. The news about the end of Mortification fell like a bombshell for many Brazilians, because the band is very dear here. You can be sure that if we fail to support a concert of the band in our country you will see many Brazilian flags on their shows 2015!
Rather than retiring in 2015 I have simply taken a few months off from performing to recharge my batteries, work on my Life's Story Biography with our Australian Manager Vic Campbell and write a new FULL LENGTH 16th Mortification Studio release! I am 5 songs IN on the writing of the next Mortification Full Legnth Album & so half way. We are planning to return to doing a bunch of shows second half of next year 2014 & then Record the new Mortification Studio Album and 25th Anniversary Live Album & DVD in 2015! If there was ONE HUGE METAL FESTIVAL IN BRAZIL & THE PROMOTER COULD PAY US TO COME & PERFORM & MAKE EVERYTHING PROFESSIONAL THEN WE MAY BE ABLE TO COME FOR JUST ONE SHOW IN MID TO LATE 2015. The problem is that everyone who wants to bring us over to Brazil has no money. In 2001 I lost A LOT of money paying our own way down to South America & that is STILL DEBT I AM PAYING OFF TODAY! We could only come for ONE BIG FESTIVAL if someone was serious about bringing us over. Mortification will carry on inti the future as long as we can after I have a break for a few months, after doing Metal Music Missions Work 150% for the past 28 years! Blessings to all! Steve.

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