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A brief conversation with Troy Dixon

By Márllon Matos

Hello Troy Dixon! Brazilian Greetings .Tell us a little about your life / career in music until you come to the Mortification?

Hello to you too… I was born in New Zealand and grew up in a town called Wanganui .
i started my first punk rock band at High school with best friend Josuha Louwrens called 'Engraved Invitation' and recorded an EP… such good memories.
When I finished School I joined my Guitar teachers Heavy Rock band called 'Daisy Chain' and traveled all over New Zealand, played at Parachute festival and others… recorded the album called "The Core That You Bite"… great experience.

I then moved to Melbourne Australia in 2002 and Got married to my Beautiful Wife Haley in 2006.

Since 2002 I was involved in various projects and eventually started up my own recording Studio.

How did the opportunity to enter in Mortification? You followed the band's career?

I didn’t follow the bands career as much as others but enjoyed what I heard. I saw Steve playing in Wonrowe vision in late December 2010. I knew Steve lived not far from me and contacted him by email to ask if he knew of any Christian Metal bands looking for a guitarist.
From then We started a great friendship. During that time and an opportunity came up to try out for a 2nd Guitarist in Mortification.

You participated in the writing process of "Scribes...”

No… not for the EP... a few ideas here and there... maybe next release I’ll have more involvement.

What can you tease about Scribes? Lyrics, arrangements, sound characteristics ...

Well... without giving to much away, it’s very different from the other albums. Brutal and experimental within mixing genres... a lot of back to basic old school death metal… influenced my bands like Master, Immortal, Benidiction, Bolthrower...

One of my favorite lyrics on the EP would have to be from the song "Jaws Of Life"… the phrasing is good and brutal vocal tones.

A question that plagues many, hehehe... Why did Scribes is only an EP and not a full cd? What should appear in this release as bonus track?

Steve answered a similar question on his question of the week segment… please do check it out... I guess you will have to find out what the bonus track is when its released… hehe…

Tell us a little about your other band, Amongst Thorns...

Well..."Amongst Thorns" is my solo project/band .. it’s all my influences put in to one force of chaotic sounds of pleasure.. Industrial, metal, experimental rock. I’m currently in the process of recording and releasing an EP called “Defeater” with special guest appearances before the end of the year. So stay posted folks!!

What is your favorite Mortification's song? And your favorite album?

Ahhh too many songs to choose lol... I guess my top favorite song would have to be "From the valley of the shadows"

One of my favorite albums is "Post momentary affliction". Very well produced... great tones and sounds.

Favorite bands and musical influences?

P.O.D, Demon Hunter, Bolthrower, Napalm Death, Blind Guardian, Soulfly, Klank, Circle of dust, Celldweller, Audioslave, The Accident experiment, Black label society, Sevendust, Behold the kingdom, Grave robber, Every knee shall bow, Static-x, Psycroptic, Miseration, old school metal, anything loud! And so many more… haha…
also check out a great Aussie upcomming metal band called "INCRYPT" with debut album 'Masterpiece' on iTunes, Facebook, Myspace, or Reverbnation… give them much support!!

Thank you for the opportunity to interview you. Feel free to make final remarks...God bless!!!

Thanks to all. Crank your stereo volume to full and keep the metal alive!!

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