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A Tribute Of Mercy – vol. 3: open enrollment

Hey metalheads!!!

As some of you must already know, the fan blog Mortifination is preparing the third edition of the Tribute to Mortification.

This tribute is made in partnership with Golgota Records, Extreme Records and Metal Mission (links at the bottom of the page). It’s a non-profit project.

All donations raised will be directed only to Steve Rowe, via PayPal at info@roweproductions.com . These donations are to help Steve pay for his medical treatments.

The two other previous Tribute CDs are available for streaming on: http://soundcloud.com/mortifination

- Specifications about the cover songs

At first, it’ll be a digital tribute. The songs will be displayed for streaming and, if the listener wants to purchase the mp3 songs, he/she must make a donation to Steve Rowe via PayPal at info@roweproductions.com (as mentioned before). The person will send to us a copy of the donation receipt to mortifination@gmail.com, and then we will send the download link (we will use Mediafire as server, due to its stability in downloads).

The bands can rehash the chosen song (let it the way it pleases you, as long as it’s still recognizable).

- Deadline

The deadline to send the cover song to us was extended from September 27th to the first week of November.

- Bands/Artists already confirmed:

Brutal War (Death/Thrash Metal – Brazil) –  Welcome To The Palodrome (Triumph Of Mercy)
Clamer Lucio (guitarist, Saint Spirit – Brazil) – Free As A Bird (Brain Cleaner)
Coração De Heroi (Hardcore/Metal – Brazil) – D.W.A.M. (Hammer Of God)
Eternal Mystery (Death Metal/Grindcore – USA) – J.G.S.H. (Blood World)
Dark Night (Heavy/Black Metal – Brazil) – Metal Crusade (Hammer Of God)
Demoniciduth (Unblack/Death Metal – Switzerland) – Blood Sacrifice (Break The Curse)
Michael Carlisle (guitarist; ex-Mortification, Cybergrind) - Brutal Warfare (Scrolls Of The Megilloth)

To participate of the tribute, or for more information, just contact us at:

- MortifiNation Official Brazilian Fan Club (www.mortifination.blogspot.com)

- Steve Rowe and Mortification(www.roweproductions.com)
- Extreme Records (www.extremerecords.org)
- Metal Mission (www.metalmission.com)

Please JOIN!!!!!

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