domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

"A Tribute Of Mercy - The Second Coming" available!!

Hey metalheads!!

Below is the link to stream the album "A Tribute Of Mercy - The Second Coming".

This second edition of the tribute to Morty is very miscellaneous, with vocals that range from deep guttural (like Abated Mass Of Flesh made) to the 'high pitch' melodic lines (extensively explored by Dark Night), plus fast riffs and guitar solos that not diminished nothing of the original sound of Mort.

If you want to download the tunes, make your donation via PayPal to:
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Once this is done, we will send the download link to you.

Do not miss this! Help Steve Rowe and this ministry!

Track list:

01. Peace in the Galaxy [by Abated Mass Of Flesh]
02. Metal Blessing [by Dark Night]
03. The Destroyer Beholds [by Grave Forsaken]
04. Northern Storm [by Requital]
05. Access Denied [by The Mary Go Round]
06. Way,Truth, Life [by The Right Wing Conspiracy]
07. Erasing the Goblin [by Tryumphall]
08. Buried into Obscurity [by Uzias]
09. Northern Storm [by Via Crucix]
10. God Rulz [by False Idle]

Check it out and share the true Jesus Metal!!!

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